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Best Air Conditioning Company in Palm Desert CA


Give us a call today for the best air conditioning company in Palm Desert CA. Get a free estimate and the best customer service in Palm Desert.

73814 Dinah Shore Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 547-7170

Air Conditioning Service in Palm Desert
At Nexgen, we are experts with the various types of air condition units in use in the Palm Desert, CA area including ductless mini-split systems, central AC units, heat pumps, and package/roof mount units. We can also assist with your window air conditioning repairs and service.

Air Conditioning Installation Services – Nexgen is proud to offer Trane and Lennox brands, among the most respected names in the world. We carefully size your unit for optimum performance and efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repair and Air Conditioning Maintenance Services – Our well-equipped trucks can take care of most common AC repair with one visit. We are available after hours and on weekends for emergency service. We provide Palm Desert homeowners with a choice of maintenance plans to best suit their systems.

Heating Services in Palm Desert
As your Palm Desert HVAC contractor, you can rely on Nexgen for a full-range of heating replacement and heating maintenance services.

Heater Installation Services – Nexgen will make sure your home’s heating system is appropriate for its size, insulation quality, and ductwork. We offer quality Trane and Lennox heating systems in a choice of heat pumps, furnaces, and package units.

Heating Repair and Heater Maintenance Services – While we specialize in Lennox and Trane equipment, our technicians are trained to work on a variety of brands. They can help show you options when repairs may lead to replacement.

Insulation Services in Palm Desert, CA
What helps make us unique as Palm Desert HVAC installers is that Nexgen also offers a wide-range of expert insulation services to help you save energy.

Attic Insulation – Heat rises and sufficient attic insulation can help save on your heating bills. Attic insulation also serves to minimize air conditioning loss during warm weather.

Crawl Space Insulation – Crawl spaces are known energy thieves. Our team will find where air is getting in and where it’s escaping.

Air Duct Insulation – Many homeowners don’t realize just how much energy is being wasted through thin-walled, aluminum ductwork that dissipates heated or cooled air even before it gets to your vents. Duct insulation can make a significant difference in the energy you use.

Outer Wall Insulation – Blown insulation into outer walls can reinvigorate the energy savings of older exterior walls where previous insulation may be minimal or have become packed down.

Remember, when you need the best air conditioning company in Palm Desert CA, give NexGen a call today!

73814 Dinah Shore Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 547-7170

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